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MajorasWaker Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
I really love both languages and Zelda, so it goes without saying that this is great. Thanks a ton for making all this! :D
Sarinilli Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you too, I'm glad you like it! :3
xXLadySapphireXx Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutly LOVE your work! And how much time and effort being put into is just amazing. Is there going to be a mini dictionary? I'd love to learn this (actually trying to teach myself now)
Sarinilli Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Haha oh there will be a dictionary all right. Not sure how "mini" it will be once I can actually work on getting the vocabulary up though. Right now the "mini" dictionary (what I've got up anyway) can be found within the lesson pages. :3
xXLadySapphireXx Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh okay. I didn't relise x3 I can't wait for the whole thing!
Squazzz Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
Keep this in mind, Sarinilli.

I only know two Hylian words:

Master and link/connection.

"Master" in Ancient Hylian is "Madi" (Mah-dee), and "connection" is "Madas" (Mah-dahss).

You might have already known that, but my proof is that in Skyward Sword, Fi always says "Madi Madas" in exact correlation to "Master Link," and just "Madas" in correlation to "Link." ALWAYS.
Sarinilli Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Well, I DID actually incorporate "madi" as a positive word for Master in my Hylian Language Project; but I have been working on it for far far longer than Skyward Sword has been out, and the word I still keep in my files for "link" or "connection" is "sithal". 

A little story though; is that as Nintendo has said; Link gets his name in the games from the meaning behind it; he is literally the link between the player and the game. They even said at some point (and I'm sure if I looked it up I could find it somewhere) that "his name may not always be Link"... so I see Madas as the personal name for the hero of the Sky Era. Though all names DO have meanings, in any language... I see Madas as a name meaning something closer to having a deep spiritual connection or balance. If that makes sense. :3

Oh, and the negative word for master is "keiral".
Madi meaning Master or Mistress in a respectful positive way; Keiral meaning master in the sort of way that shows the person has dominance over or "owns" the one saying it; so Ghirahim wouldn't ever call Demise "Madi", he would call him "Keiral". In the sense of "ownership", Madi would be disrespectful as the meaning is entirely different in Hylian. 
For example calling a female Miss is polite to a younger woman but may be seen as rude to an older more refined woman where Ma'am or "Mrs" is more appropriate.

So now you know three words in Hylian and the meaning behind a name. ;3
Elmind Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
Is it complete? If so, could you bundle up in a single ZIP/RAR file?
Sarinilli Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
It's very far from complete.
Zarkaynnel Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
I Think you've done a brilliant work, and it shows the time/dedication you've put into this

I myself am very good at languages (real, dead and gaming ones), I've helped in the development and translation of some known languages (perhaps you know of the dragon language in elder scrolls V: skyrim?)

Allow me to tell you how impressed i am for how good you've figured out the phonetics/grammar of Hylian language, and in order to make your research on this language even more exciting (spicing things up, yeah!) I'd like to point some little things (probably you've noticed but you'll want to give it some research anyway)

I've played a lot of Zelda games, and based on my observation of the language in the games, i think you'd agree that this language you've posted here applies only to the Skyward era (and arguably to the unknown, unintelligible Hylian found in "A Link To The Past"...I've got reasons to believe i might be a different form of Hylian also known to us) . Now, knowing that, I'm expecting you'd fancy to translate another form of Hylian which is quite important as well, and that'd be the OOT Hylian language form (which is also used in Majora's, TP and even in A Link to the Past, since OOT is chronologically supposed to be previous to that one as well...we can even say that Lorule used this as well, so Demise must have knew that form as well, I'll say why next ).

Of course I'll tell you the reasons for me to believe all of this, I've got simple, yet solid proofs based on the events unfolded on the games that OOT Hylian form is used on those games, and differs from ancient and modern Skyward are my thoughts:

1) OOT have got an official alphabet released, those characters are based on ciphered Japanese Hiragana, and differ greatly from those in here, which makes it safe to assume that the phonetic/grammar is also different

2) Since majora's Link (some say he isn't but i think he is) is the same as OOT, and everyone in Termina (including post signs) seems to be able to understand link and like-wise, we can say that OOT and majora's Hylian is the same

3) the reason why i think TP uses this language as well, is based on the skeletal hero who teaches TP Link his skills, i believe this spirit/zombie/Stalfos thing is either OOT or Majora's link (I'd be glad to share my theory about it with you)...since Link is able to understand this fallen hero, it is safe to assume that they're speaking a common language (which would mean that Midna is speaking the same language as well since she can speak/understand Link, and her phonetic is different than Fi's so is not Skyward Hylian...which makes you think that the twili use the same language since Link can understand Midna's annoying commands from the moment they met). Even if you use TP's official alphabet to refute this (for t is different than OOT one and is based on Latin letters instead of Japanese ones) i should remind you that a language can change it's writing while keeping their spoken part the same (as is the case of the Japanese, which is spoken basically the same way as centuries ago, yet they've got 3 writings, which are kanji 'the original Japanese letters based on ancient Chinese' the hiragana 'simplified Japanese, totally different from kanji' and katakana 'actually made up and relatively new for writing foreign things' .

4) When it comes to why I say Demise is able to speak/understand this other Hylian, the answer lies on his sword...his sword bears the Lorule Triforce as a crest, and he, himself is said to "have emerged from a fissure in the ground" and Lorule is actually only accessible from "rifts" on the ground after some big quakes take place (he probably liked the idea)...but the thing is that Lorule didn't even existed at the Skyward era, but much later so, since Demise is called "a being who transcends time" is is safe to assume that he got his crest idea from Lorule's Triforce which happens to have an inverted or "opposite" shape of the Triforce (which fits him well since all he does is opposing Hylia), the only way for this to happen, is for Demise to somehow have been in Lorule, and learnt those things, which means he somehow have gone to a time after the Skyward era, and have probably learnt that language in order to speak to some servant there. If you try to say that Demise might have been the one who invented the crest and Lorule copied it, I must remind you that Lorule's game was created long time before SSW, which means that it was Demise who took the crest from Lorule and not otherwise (perhaps they want to bring back Demise for a future game and were providing a connection to do so) all the hint point towards that direction.

sorry for such a long text...but i hope I've at least picked at your curiosity and perhaps have encouraged you to translate and make available the "Fallen Hylian" as i like to call it

you can contact me on this e-mail in case you want to discuss this further

my best wishes and thumbs up for the page
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